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[VIDEO] Step Out of the Circle and SOAR

SOAR Circle DoreenWhat an amazing time I had speaking and teaching at the SOAR Retreat in Miami this month. Women came from China, Bahamas, London and all across the country to spend three days learning, networking and elevating their success skills . I’ll be sharing highlights in the coming weeks and wanted to start off by sharing this video from my opening session.

We’ve all had them before – an “a-ha” moment. A time when we see, hear, learn or experience something that has a profound way on how we see things and prompts us to want to make a change. Whether you’ve experienced this as it relates to your career, relationship, finances, health or around your purpose, the key is to move beyond the “moment” and create long lasting change. But what does it really take to move past the motivation, inspiration and initial excitement and take real steps towards transformation?

Check out the video:

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