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[VIDEO] It’s Possible…But It’ll Cost You

It’s possible…but it’s going to cost you something.

Here’s a clip from my RADICAL Success Intensive earlier this month.

You can watch full sessions from my events – as well as over 50+ hours of trainings, keynotes and expert interviews – as a member of my Inner Circle.

Only $20/month.

Learn more: RADICAL Success Inner Circle

What’s your biggest take-a-way or a-ha from this video? Share your comments below.


  • I have been playing around, while being frustrated. However, in the last two weeks I have done things that scared me, and stepped out of my comfort zone. Inspiring video. It’s about belief. Period.

    • Hi Maria,

      Congrats on taking action – even when it scares you. You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Thanks for watching.


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