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Tim Storey: The Utmost Life


“Your DNA is screaming for you to be utmost” - @timstorey Share on X

One of the best questions to ask yourself is: Am I living an “almost” life or my “utmost” life.

In this stirring conversation with acclaimed author, speaker and life coach, Tim Storey, we examine the difference between the two and how you can move the needle in designing a life that maximizes all that you have to offer.

Beyond motivation, Tim shares specific steps that will challenge you to uplevel your vision, make necessary empowering decisions and expand your commitment to keep moving forward – no matter the obstacles.

Learn to be the best in the areas that God has called you to prosper to your highest level. Balance your hustle with patience and in the process, you’ll build your confidence and keep you motivated.

Understand that the mindset and motives of those around you will influence your path towards your dreams.  Discipline may be the bridge between reaching your goals and accomplishments.

Acquire the tools and ideas you’ll need to understand and focus on what you really want, set goals, and accomplish them. Find out what it takes to shift the trajectory of your path and obtain exceeding abundance for everything in your life.

It’s time to take charge of the life you’re living!

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“We learn from education and observation” - @timstorey Share on X



“Uncommon discipline will change your life” - @timstorey Share on X

Time Stamps:

  • 02:22 – Tim’s background and introduction
  • 06:47 – How to unleash your internal to get external results
  • 08:38 – “We learn from education and observation” – @timstorey
  • 11:01 – Being stuck in your almost life to living your utmost life
  • 13:55 – “Your DNA is screaming for you to be utmost” – @timstorey
  • 19:04 – Learning to have the patience in progress
  • 23:54 – Achieving your ultimate success and having a direct focus
  • 28:16 – The mindset of success and power of discipline
  • 29:55 – “Uncommon discipline will change your life” – @timstorey
  • 34:01 – Shift the trajectory of your life

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  • Doreen you do not disappoint. Great interview. Really insightful. My ah ha moment was sit. I see the value in that logic. Peace and blessings!

    • Yes David! The concept of “sit” is so powerful and necessary. Many times we’re so anxious to get going, we lose the value in this one step.

  • Just finished listening to this awesome interview! I rewind and rewind and rewind some more. I took so many notes and got so many take aways. When I first moved to Georgia back in 2007, I was a new aspiring author. I had just finished my first book and would frequent other authors’ book tables when the church I was attending had events. There was so many vendors present, but I leaned towards the authors’ tables to get information and ask questions.

    Although I was very inspired, I walked away feeling empty and very small. But I heard God spoke to me, ‘Despise not small beginnings … Your later will greatly increase.’ I immediately thought about Job and what he went through. I. took on Job 8:7 as my ‘mantra’ scripture and when I later had a book signing event, Job 8:7 was put onto the banner I had made. I constantly remind myself that verse and have hence designed a message T-shirt with the words ‘INCREASE’ in bold letters with the verse Job 8:7 underneath.

    Thank you!

    • That was definitely one of the great take-a-ways from this conversation. Don’t despise small beginnings. Everyone starts somewhere. The most important thing is to start. Thanks for listening.


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