episode 38 yolanda adams

The Other Yolanda Adams

We love to highlight and celebrate members of #TeamRADICAL.

These are amazing go-getters in this RADICAL community who have harnessed the knowledge, coaching, training and networking to amplify the results they are getting as they pursue their personal and professional goals.

Say hello to Yolanda Adams – no, not THAT Yolanda Adams (LOL) – but a powerful force in her own right.

Listen in as she shares tips from her own personal growth as well as her entrepreneurial journey, including the necessity of the 4 business pillars and how she works with her spouse in the business.

She also gives insight into her biggest take-a-ways from attending my RADICAL events and how you can apply them to your life NOW.

Meet me and Yolanda at my upcoming Get RADICAL Women’s Conference, March 20-22 in Atlanta.

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