The F Word

This week, it’s all about the F word!
In previous episodes, I’ve talked about “Fear”. We’ve looked at how it influences our life choices, our actions, and our mindset.
However, on this episode, we are talking about a different F word!

“We want to set goals that ultimately lead to the F word” - @DoreenRainey Share on X
Is it Fun? Is it Faith?
Or is it something greater?
In looking at this F word, I examine the different ways people define it, treat it and experience it.
We hear the F word a lot, but now is the time to truly understand its meaning.
Find your own definition to this F word as it relates to your:
  • Career/Business
  • Finances
  • Family
  • Health & Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Friendship
  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Life
So, the challenge today is to set aside time and really think about what this word means for you.

Listen to this episode and discover what the F word is!


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“What I want next in my life must be in line with me achieving the F word” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “I believe that it can be a driving force” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “You get to define what the F word looks like for you” - @DoreenRainey Share on X


Time Stamps:

01:55 – Invitation to the Radical Success Intensive event
04:21 – What is the F word?
04:40 – “What I want next in my life must be in line with me achieving [the F word]” – @DoreenRainey
05:05 – What the F word truly means
05:18 – “I believe that it can be a driving force” – @DoreenRainey
07:07 – What you need to do to experience the F word
08:55 – What does the F word look like in your life?
19:42 – Defining the F word in the 8 sections in the wheel of life?
12:54 – “You get to define what [the F word] looks like for you” – @DoreenRainey
19:57 – “We want to set goals that ultimately lead to [the F word]” – @DoreenRainey


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  • Loved this pod cast. It really helped me see things in a new perspective.

    • Thank for listening Rosa! So glad you’ve gotten value from it!

  • I really love this. Your meassage was direct and usesful. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance. I’m fired up. That’s a F word too. Thanks

    • Kara,
      Love it!!! Fired up! Take the energy and do something radical! Your freedom is waiting for you!

  • Enjoy the podcast. Freedom for me is not waking up to an alarm clock to go to work for someone else, also having more freedom to do the things I need to do for myself and help others.

    • Hi Venita,

      That level of freedom is absolutely available to you! Decide what scenario can get you away from that alarm clock. A new job with more flexibility? Renegotiating with your current job? Starting a business? Getting into movement will bring the freedom you want.

  • This was a breath of fresh air… Freedom is something that I desire in every area of my life!!! I will be working on this exercise. Thank You!

    • Tammy,
      Excited that this message resonated with you! Be sure to do the exercise as it will help get super clear on what goals you want to go after. You got this!

    • Hi Karen,

      You’re so welcome! Hope is what gets the ball rolling. Take that hope to create a dream. Take that dream and decide on intentions. Take those intentions and create goals. And then get in action!

  • Hi, my name is Tracie. Your podcast was so good. I know I want freedom to help others like you. I know my many ideas will help others as well bring me to freedom financially, spiritually, and change that will last years into the future. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Tracie,
      So exciting that you want to help people. Be sure to get clear on what that specifically looks like. What would be the first step to making that happen? Knowing that, you can begin to move forward.

  • What an amazing insight! Thank you for walking us through the F word and its application to the Wheel of Life! This is a welcome guide through a myriad of questions. Thank you!

    • Hi Kim,

      The wheel of life helps put everything in perspective! It’s a great guide to really help you get clear on what you truly want.

  • I like the way that you approach the F word. Somewhere I have lost my imagination and this is actually difficult for me to wrap my mind around. Health and wellness, spiritual, personal development are open however the others make me stop in my shoes. I will work on it to see what comes of it. Thank you!

    • Lisa,
      Getting back to our imagination, dreams, big goals and living intentionally is so important. Excited to see how you embrace more freedom!

  • Good Morning Doreen!
    Your Podcast has helped me to regroup alot of things in my life and re-think choices concerning my career goals. The message in your podcast has been such an inspiration to me and has encouraged me not to give up on my life long dreams and goals. Faith, family, and finances has always been my three F words and now I have to refocus and think about “Freedom” for other areas in my life. Thank you for HOPE!


    • I’m glad you’ve been encouraged to rethink some choices. When you look at your life with freedom in mind, it will definitely cause you to reevaluate some areas.

  • Freedom for me is having the ability to choose my direction in areas mentioned in the podcast, set goals for that direction and then being able to meet each one with little or no hindrance. Continuous climbing ‘without waiting to exhale’.

  • Thank you for the information. I never looked at freedom as you described. This was eye opening and helping me to re-evaluate my life. The freedom of life is very important.

    • Yes, Beverly! Freedom is my ultimate goal. How we experience it varies, but there’s no better feeling.

  • THIS was one of THE BEST Revelational, instructional session I have sat in on, for me personally. The use of the word FREEDOM was truly what was an eye opener and “hit the nail on the head”. That explains exactly what I want…. Freedom! to GIVE to others my money or time which ever will benefit them the most and have the abundance of either to meet their need, Freedom to enjoy my remaining daughter and her family with time &/or vacations, Freedom to enjoy my siblings the same, Freedom to do as I please for “self care” whether that means vacations, spa time or down time. The financial freedom to be able to walk into a store of my choosing and buy what I wish WITHOUT needing to look at the price tags; just to be able to buy it……… wow I haven’t filled out my 8 pages yet this all just flowed but has been kind-of in the back of my mind.


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