The A-Ha Moment Myth

Have you ever experienced the A-ha moment?

Surely, yes!

But the question is, what did you do after that?

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More often than not, we experience the A-ha moment when reading books, listening to inspirational talks, or even listening to podcasts. But that moment may just pass by in a snap of a finger if we don’t do anything beyond that.

This episode talks about the four stages of a real breakthrough:
• The A-ha Moment
• Head Knowledge Phase
• Heart and Soul Belief
• and the Real Breakthrough

You can only experience true transformation if you complete these four steps which greatly involve discipline, consistency, and faith. Moving from one step to another brings you closer to your goals and desires.

This episode reveals what a real breakthrough truly means and what secrets lay on the other side of the A-ha moment.



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[bctt tweet=”“Are you truly moving beyond the A-ha moment and experiencing a true breakthrough?” – @DoreenRainey” username=””]

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Time Stamps:

02:35 – Join Doreen on the Radical Success Intensive
05:46 – “Are you truly moving beyond the A-ha moment and experiencing a true breakthrough?” – @DoreenRainey
4 stages of a real breakthrough
06:22 – The truth behind having the A-Ha moment
08:17 – “Discipline is the key to getting where you want to be” – @DoreenRainey
08:59 – What is on the other side of the A-Ha moment?
10:02 – “A true transformation does not end at the A-Ha Moment” – @DoreenRainey
10:46 – Getting into the Head Knowledge phase
18:42 – Moving past the head knowledge to the heart and soul belief
23:11 – What does a true breakthrough really mean?


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  • Thank You Doreen for helping me to take a stepback at my life. Helping me see clearer of my own self doubts, you said it best, I have to fight for my success. I realized it has been my own thoughts that tend to knock me back down and keep me starting over with an A Ha Moment but not finishing or seeing greater. I am rexamining my life and doing something about it.


  • email…

    First time listening Doreen, been down step 1 forever. Now as a Grandma trying to get my projects out there. I do activate the projects but seem to get lost without resources.

    I will continue to listen to your podcasts until another Bell goes off.

  • Greetings, This was an awesome ah-moment podcast and I know it was God ordained because it provided me with what I asked and prayed for this morning. I am in a state of awe and grateful gratitude. I am so excited that I cannot begin to articulate or explain in this response. I can share how God used you as the vehicle to answer my questions and prayers all in one. How to and find different methods of marketing, always saying I am not a salesperson, how to be confident in branding my business, what I offer and how the client’s issue can be solved, how to sell…oops I meant serve the client in 2 minutes by listening and obtaining what they need and how bad they want to fix it, repeating the same brand formula (so to speak), changing the mindset is the key in all things, understanding the value of me and what I provide as a result to what is needed, the power and right to negotiate, changing from an information taker to an action taker, reasons why it has taken me so long to be consistent in pursuing entrepreneurship instead of dipping and dabbing for so many years just to name a few. This was the truly a blessing for me to listen to on today. I serve a mighty awesome and powerful God. I thank God for using you as the vehicle for this purpose, time and season.

  • I apologize as my comments previously stated was in reference to the podcast: The Value in You.

  • This was so spot-on with everything that I’ve gone through since I first watch Steve Harvey. Doreen you are a God send! I listen to this whole podcast and it’s been awhile since I’ve listed that anything from Steve Harvey’s crew. And you called me out on every point you made I have to get back on track I have to take it seriously and I thank you for taking the time to do this podcast it has caused me to refocus God bless.

  • Thank you Doreen for helping me keep the Faith and knowing it’s ok to do self talk. I just did a one of a kind Fashion Show on Memorial Day weekend ,From Pain To Fashion, now my facebook is booming. I sat on this vision for a year .It was a great I’m going to tackle getting my deceased son book published. I am feeling confident and motivated after nine and a half years having my life on hold because I wasn’t able to move forward.and didn’t have direction .No more Excuses


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