Episode 7 quiet desperation

Top 10 Podcast: #9 Quiet Desperation

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“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.” - Henry David Thoreau Share on X


If you’ve been a part of the personal development, self-help or personal growth community for any period of time, there’s no doubt you’ve become familiar with mantras, affirmations and positive quotes.

These are the phrases that resonate with us and help us face whatever situation we’re dealing with.

Doreen has “go-to” affirmations and mantras when she needs to be encouraged, inspired, motivated, comforted, focused, strong and the list goes on.

This episode centers on her go-to quote by Henry David Thoreau. It’s one of her favorites and helps her stay focused. She speaks this out loud whenever she needs a reminder to stay in action and do what needs to be done – even when she doesn’t feel like it.

She dissects this quote and invites you to reflect on each part to see how these words can impact how you see the world – and how you take charge to create the future of your dreams.


“We are always in choice!” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “Give yourself permission to go get more.” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “Everything you have already done is part of the journey.” - @DoreenRainey Share on X


Time Stamps:

  • 5:39 – The first decision she made when she learned the quote
  • 6:47 – “We are always in choice!” – @DoreenRainey
  • 16:16 – The three tips if you have some areas of quiet desperation
  • 16:27 – First tip: To accept and be okay with wanting more
  • 17:56 – “Give yourself permission to go get more.” – @DoreenRainey
  • 18:07 – Second Tip: Identify the real vision
  • 19:27 – “Everything you have already done is part of the journey.” – @DoreenRainey
  • 19:51 – Third Tip: Figure out and decide
  • 20:30 – Her story after graduating from undergrad and wanting to become a lawyer.
  • 21:40 – Decide if you are dealing with an ocean liner or a speedboat.


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  • Absolutely loved the message.. Quiet DESPERATION. I needed this today.. what a timely message. as a result I have applied for two positions BECAUSE my area of desperation is my career. thank you!

  • Awesome message! WOrking on my homework now!! Thanks Doreen

  • Yes sir, I love to listen to all your reviews. Especially the quiet desperation. Excellent!,,, I quote this too. Smile most men lives of quiet desperation. Thanks.

  • It’s always a pleasure listening to you. I love and appreciate the way you dissected Henry D. Thoreau’s quote. Very profound!! Thanks!

  • OMGoodness!! at first I wasn’t sure where this one was going but as you broke down the quote. WOWOWOW it was so spectacular! I was listening to it on the way to my weekly Mary Kay success meeting and I had to share Thoreau’s quote and a synopsis (2 minutes worth) of your Podcast. OF COURSE a shout out as to where to hear more too. SO GOOD!!


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