Preemptive Preparation


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“Do not be afraid” - @DoreenRainey https://doreenrainey.com/19 Share on X


There’s no doubt that life will have challenges. Things will happen that will get you off track – loss of a loved one, loss of job, financial challenges, health issues – and you may wonder how you will make it through.

I’ve been experiencing some life-changing challenges the past couple of months and I’ve examined what has been helping me during this difficult time.

I call it “preemptive preparation”.

This has been a key component in how I’ve been dealing with my recent losses. And if you’re in the midst of loss or challenges, I believe this concept can help you too.

I would love to hear your take-a-ways from this podcast. Be sure to leave a comment below and hit the “share” button.


“You are here because the world needs you” - @DoreenRainey https://doreenrainey.com/19 Share on X



“Your choices are derailment or realignment” - @DoreenRainey https://doreenrainey.com/19 Share on X

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Time Stamps:

  • 05:22 – What is preemptive preparation?
  • 08:33 – Preparing for life challenges
  • 11:28 – “Do not be afraid” – Doreen Rainey
  • 14:10 – Connecting to your purpose
  • 17:08 – How to manage your grief and sorrow
  • 23:18 – “You are here because the world needs you” – Doreen Rainey
  • 23:44 – “Your choices are derailment or realignment” – Doreen Rainey



  • My daughter is dying from stage 4 colon cancer and she is only 32 my baby girl my life has no future my children have been my life! My daughter was diagnosed last August of 2017 I thank God every day she is still here but without her I can’t live even with her two little children we were not prepared for this! I want to understand why! Am I being punished? My daughter’s faith is strong she even wonders why God is doing this to her and our family we are such a close knit family now nothing!

  • I totally totally totally believe Preemptive preparation when come to have faith in your high power. Yes I too is going through a tough time. Yes I do have a purpose for what I want and have to do. I will not be derailed my friend. I speak silently with God. Thank you for this…

  • This is actually the first time of me listening to one of your podcasts. This info you shared is so true and I can relate. I’m sorry for your lost on your Mom and pet. You learn how to cope with issues in life because if you don’t, life will get you down and completely derailed. Having someone to have a open ear is the best. I would love to see you in Virginia next month but right now going through my lost of a job. I will never let it get me down and I will ALWAYS keep the faith and words of ” It will get better, it could be worse”… I still keep my faith regardless of what I’m experiencing. That always bounce me back on track despite of the time frame. My faith is what keeps me going day to day. Even tho I’m down at times, I still smile inside because I’m blessed. Keep your faith and all things flow, just be patient.

  • Ms Doreen it was truly a pleasure I listen to you today, I Absolutely needed to hear your message, I just lost my mother January 2, 2018 , I m a CEO of my childcare business, marry 22 years with 3children all are adults. But I been going threw a depression sense my death, health issue, finance issue my world now has declined, on that Audio it seem like you and story is so Similar. I just want to connect with you. Please email at mscathy1722@yahoo.com

  • Thank you for sharing. I am listening and I will not be derailed my strength is my Faith. Thanks again!

  • Adjust, realign, without him, my boyfriend passed away, May 2017. So while I am still waiting for him to come home, my Mom passed away July 2018, so I am making the adjustment. I am driving my boyfriends truck without so much fear. Now I need to make arrangements to rent my moms house. I need to probate the will. I think I can go to my old job and claim the insurance proceeds in person instead of by mail. See I used to work there and I don’t want to see that place again. But I need to realign. I am a retiree not an employee. I know they are still stuck on stupid since I still get emails that should be secure to one special audience. My ideas (online forms) are finally being put into action. So my God is laying out the red carpet for me to show up asking for help filing a death claim for my mom that passed 7/22/18. Think your podcast help me see the rebound. Be blessed

  • Doreen: I want to thank you for this powerful podcast. I am in realignment and I can and will go forward. Wow!!!

  • Doreen, I’ve just finish listening to your podcast and thank you so much for sharing about prememtive preparation and how to process and recalibrate. Thanks again for being open and honest.

  • My love and prayers to you. Your story and pursuit is CLEAR!! I am in the midst of a divorce,unemployed, and recently homeless for nearly 3 months. I understand you. I’m one who has collected info, been to conferences, made plans but find it difficult to implement that info for one reason or another. All the best to you and THANK YOU for depositing seeds into me.

  • Thank you for this. Keep the faith what keeps me going. God bless you always.

  • My take-a-aways: Life brings challenges but we have to prepare to bounce back gracefully; your purpose will keep you from a long-term derailment.

    Thank you Doreen, and continue to persevere through this challenging time.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you for that inspiring, thought-provoking podcast. I am a senior
    citizen facing some challenging health issues. I do have faith, I
    believe in my purpose, I am connected to God. My support system
    is my family and friends. I am finding more peace daily as I take one
    day at a time.

  • This podcast is so timely for me. I didn’t understand the peace that came when my mom passed in February 2018. I miss her. However there is something inside me that keeps coming up time and time again year after year. I know I have to pursue this dream, this goal that keeps burning. Perhaps it’s the vehicle that will lead to fulfilling the purpose God has for me. I have faith in God and you’re right, that faith provides peace beyond understanding.
    Thank you, I needed to hear this today I am in the process of realignment.

  • Hello Doreen, first I would like to say sorry for your lost of mother and lost of your furry friend , I know that it Will take time for healing to come,may God be with you, I’m in a situation where I don’t have a support system outside of my two daughters, I would like for that to change ,I’m used to to having a few girl freinds, since living in charleston, SC it’s hard to connect with people, everyone seems to be in there own click


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