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While I have listened to several podcasts, your platform has me looking to see if I have missed an episode. I share you on Facebook, I have mentioned you to kids in conversation. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I needed the healing you have addressed in every episode thus far.

- Niki1Kanc

Really enjoying your content and expertise. Can't wait to hear more. We are definitely in the information age and need more of a push regarding taking action and leveraging our skills.

- Tekeissa

Thank you. Your words have given space for the feelings I have felt but had no way to articulate. I am an information hoarder, the person who wants more but feels selfish for going after it. Thank you for being here for those of us who need clarity, a little nudge and advice that can only be given from a sister cousin girlfriend. I have listed to a lot of podcasts...but have never written a review! :-)

- Nxg00013

This podcast will give you the motivation you need in your life. Doreen knows her stuff and breaks down her advice in easy to understand steps. Give it a listen!

- Bourguit

Apparantly Doreen has been watching me because every topic she has addressed, I have been in that space at one time or another. She is excellent at pointing out some semi-harsh truths about motivating yourself and staying true to yourself while not being a poser or making excuses for yourself not to achieve your goals in a timely manner.

- NoLa Mama

podcast Episodes

Episode 47: Yes Sisters

By Doreen Rainey | August 6, 2020

Especially in times like this, you need your “Yes Sisters”. These are the women you have in your life who don’t just support and encourage you, but empowers you to see your truth and live it. In this episode, Doreen talks with Angelia White, the author of the powerful read, Yes Sisters. Sharing her journey […]

The Big Stretch

By Doreen Rainey | July 3, 2020

 Are you ready to stretch? In this episode, Doreen talks with Founder and CEO of The EGAMI Group—a multi-million-dollar marketing firm that serves some of today’s biggest, most successful companies — Teneshia Jackson Warner. As the developer of the Dream Project, she helps attendees push aside obstacles in business and in life to reach […]


By Doreen Rainey | March 6, 2020

 Since my mom passed a little over a year and a half ago, I’ve been looking at how I can make sure I’m living a life that maximizes my gifts, talents and purpose. Life is too precious to spend it in any other way. It was during this self-reflection that I realized that were […]

Chereace Richards: The Ridiculously Possible

By Doreen Rainey | February 28, 2020

Sitting on a beach, Chereace reached for her journal and began to write. What emerged from that session was a vision for the ridiculously possible. In this episode, Chereace shares the process for merging your faith, belief and action to position yourself to receive and achieve those goals that may start off as impossible. A […]

Patrice Washington: The Wall

By Doreen Rainey | February 20, 2020

When we finished this interview, we looked at each other for a moment – silent. And then we both said “Wow”. We knew we just shared something truly special. Something game changing. Something that had the ability to create major shifts for people who took heed to the insights, advice and lessons. There’s no doubt […]

Jennifer Justice: Women Equality

By Doreen Rainey | February 8, 2020

“We represent Boss Ladies to make them money.” That’s the core mission of The Justice Department, founded by Jennifer Justice. They work with female entrepreneurs, executives, talent, brands and creatives in all stages of their careers and businesses, focusing in the areas of tech, consumer product, finance, media, entertainment and fashion. During our conversation, she […]


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