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Patrice Washington: The Wall

When we finished this interview, we looked at each other for a moment – silent.

And then we both said “Wow”.

We knew we just shared something truly special. Something game changing. Something that had the ability to create major shifts for people who took heed to the insights, advice and lessons.

There’s no doubt that we all have a “great work” in us. And it’s not just about our business or career. It’s about how we live with purpose in every area of life.

But doing our great work requires focus, prioritizing, clarity, a strategy and a plan.

If you’ve ever found yourself challenged in any of these areas, there could be one simple, but powerful, concept that can totally change the game for you.

In this episode, I talk with Patrice Washington, Founder of Redefining Wealth, about the necessity of choosing.

Choosing your focus.

Choosing your priorities.

Choosing your goals.

Choosing your authentic path.

We also explore the concept we both use in our own lives when it comes to being able to stand firmly in your choices so you can give your time, energy, effort and commitment to fully achieving your goals, vision and purpose.

Patrice will also be speaking on our Success Panel at the upcoming Get RADICAL Women’s Conference, March 20-22 in Atlanta, GA.


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