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RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey Leads a Mastermind on Defining Success for Yourself AND Getting the Gut to Go After It

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RADICAL Success Method Mastermind:

Deeper. Richer. Complete. Transformation


If you are serious, focused and committed to getting clear about where you are, setting authentic stretch goals, understanding what’s holding you back and facing head on what’s not working so you can build up a powerful strategy, have a real mindset shift and take serious action steps to reach your next level of success having the ultimate in support and accountability - this mastermind is for you.

If you know you’re capable of being more, having more, doing more, giving more – and you have a thirst to learn what it takes and a willingness to go do it - you've landed in the right place.

This In-Depth Curriculum Based Mastermind Is For You If Need To:

→ Stop being an information gatherer and step into action taker.

→ Move beyond goal setting exercises and vision boards and actually experience a new reality.

→ Become a finisher - stop starting and stopping taking steps on your goals.

→ Take all the information you've gathered about growing your business or advancing your career and actually put in practice.

→ Break through what's holding you back.

→ Manage fear of success, failure, not being enough or not being able to sustain success.

→ Transform your life and live full out - maximizing your gifts, talents and purpose.

→ Gain complete clarity of what you want and build the confidence to go get it.

→ Eliminate fear, procrastination and limiting beliefs so you can maximize your full potential.

→ Learn an integrated approach to achieving your goals that allows you to create more success right now.

→ Understand an effective way to manage feelings of overwhelm, stress and frustration.

→ Learn how to confidently bounce back from setbacks, disappointments, and challenges.

→ Quickly get back on track and get focused again when "life" gets in the way.

→ Get off the hamster wheel and move toward real and true results.

→ Step out of your comfort zone in a powerful way.

→ Take the risks necessary to realize your ultimate goals and dreams.

The RADICAL Success Method Will Help You:

Get Focused:

So you can get clear about where you and what you want to accomplish.

Get a Plan:

Create a clear strategy, process and method to implement your goals.

Get Past It:

The challenges, barriers, obstacles and fears that have been holding you back.


Be confident as you define success for yourself AND get the guts to go after it.

NOW Is the Time For You to Get RADICAL!

The RADICAL Success method is a REPEATABLE 7-step process that systematically takes you on a personal journey to deepen the understanding about who you are and how you can boldly move forward in action to achieve your own definition of success.

You can use this method forever – each time you face a new setback or challenge or want to move on to a higher level.


What's Included in the RADICAL Success Method Mastermind:


12 Learning Modules:

In-depth, researched based modules teaching you each step of the RADICAL Success Method. Go deeper in your quest to move beyond information and experience transformation.

12 Live Q & A Coaching Calls:

Your opportunity to get coaching and your specific questions answered about applying what you're learning to your own situation and goals. Get expert advice and insight.

Self-Reflection Exercises:

Assessments, worksheets and assignments that challenge you to gain clarity and take action on your highest priorities around your career, business, finances and personal goals.

“Doreen is insightful, gifted and understands what it takes to help people create an authentic vision for themselves and make their goals a reality. She's a powerful coach whose RADICAL concepts have changed lives.”

– Steve Harvey, entrepreneur, comedian, producer, radio personality, actor, and author

“You inspired me. I wanted to go into the streets and talk to people and look them in the eye and see what’s going on and hear where they are coming from and see what’s REALLY going on and get in touch with things. So you are where that came from. You’re Awesome!”

– Jillian Michaels, Leading fitness expert, business woman, TV personality

“If you really want transformation, if you really want breakthrough, if you really want to take your business or personal life to the next level…get the best coach: Doreen Rainey.”

– Lisa Nichols, CEO of Motivating the Masses

“I’d highly recommend Doreen for anyone who is struggling, a little bit unclear or a lot of bit unclear, she will really help you. This day (with Doreen) has been one of the best days since I started my business and I’m really motivated to move forward and to do things differently all thanks to her.”

– Dr. KaRae Carey

"Doreen’s RADICAL Coaching has caused a strong paradigm shift in my life. I no longer blame others when I find myself stuck. This method has taught me how to get back on track and stay in action."

-TP Johnson

"The RADICAL Method has taught me how to set boundaries, stand on my “NO” without guilt and how to move forward with my goals without hesitation."

-Christina Dixon

"Doreen kept everything REAL. I really related to the exercises, goal setting process and the time management strategy."

-Michelle Browne-Cathey

“Doreen was able to facilitate for me in 5 months what I had struggled with for 5 years.”

– Cledra McCullers

When you follow this proven system you will get COMPLETE clarity of what you want and UNLEASH your potential like never before.


Curriculum Overview:

Module #1: Power of Intention. Designed to set you up for success, you’ll learn how to set intentions (which are NOT goals). You’ll come away knowing how to get maximum results so that you can make significant progress with your goals

Module #2: Value-Based Living. During this module you’ll take a complete look at what it means to have a value-based life. This will help you understand, identify and embrace your authentic core values which will lead you to true joy, fulfillment and peace.

Module #3: Responsibility. Using your intentions and values from modules 1 and 2. You’ll feel empowered to designate priorities to focus on, identify the shifts you want to make and the outcomes you want to create as a result of this program.

Module #4: Affirm. Achieving anything begins with the belief, confidence and attitude that you can actually make it happen. During this module you’ll focus on growing in these areas by shifting what you think, believe and say.

Module #5: Decide. You won’t get to where you want to be without making some powerful decisions. This module teaches you the process for making decisions with confidence in every area of your life and standing firm in them.

Module #6: Investigate. This is where we'll look at what you know, what you don't know, what you don't know you know and what you don't know you don't know. You’ll examine all four of these from your perspective. This will equip you to figure out what you don’t know so you can move forward.

Module #7: Midterms. We'll assess where you are, the progress you've made and evaluate any tweaks and adjustments you need to make to stay on track with getting results.

Module #8: Create. Achieving your goals will require you to DO something (or many things). This step in the process prepares you to step out, step up and remain accountable.

Module #9: Align: Understanding alignment and the major role it plays in achieving your life goals is critical to your success. You’ll take inventory of who and what you give your energy to and decide if the benefits are worth it.

Module #10: Learn. We are constantly evolving and moving towards our best selves. Here you will discover why and how to continually grow your success by being a student teacher

Module #11: Overcome. When you have goals, plans, strategies and a system to get what you want – and you still aren’t moving forward, something is holding you back. We’ll explore what challenges you may have or encounter in the future along with how to overcome them.

Module #12: Celebrate. Set yourself up to maintain momentum and keep moving forward with the amazing progress you've made. You'll focus on creating support and accountability.

You’ll Receive Complete Support And Guidance

You won’t have to do this on your own. You will be supported every step of the way:

1.  Structured learning modules to guide you through your transformation.

2.  Live interactions where I will personally help you identify underlying barriers that hinder your progress. I’ll stand with you as you discover who you are and help you tap into “possibility thinking” to create the life you want.

3.  Q & A sessions where I’ll answer any and all of your questions.

4.  A community of success-minded individuals who will provide you with a safe, supportive environment to share your successes and offer advice.

5.  An action plan to get where you truly want to go.


Doreen Rainey loves to shake things up!

A dynamic, seasoned and no-nonsense personal development coach and speaker, she is the Founder of the RADICAL Success Institute and the former Senior Vice President, Steve Harvey Global

Focused on showing people how to make their goals a reality, she’s built her business by teaching and training individuals, entrepreneurs and executives on systems and methods to accelerate success.

She's a deal maker, game-changer and committed to spreading the message of RADICAL success.

Doreen has been featured in Essence Magazine, USA Today Weekend, Jet Magazine, ABC News, Better TV and more.

She received her undergraduate degree from Spelman College, her M.S. in Conflict Negotiation and Conflict from the University of Baltimore and her coaching certificate from Coaches Training Institute.


The RADICAL Success Method Mastermind is for high-goals, self-starters who are ready to create their impossible. The program is especially designed for ambitious, high-achieving go-getters who are driven to create a purposeful, impactful, successful holistic life by deepening the learning about who you are and WHY you are so you can live an authentic life.

Your Investment ROI:

With every investment, you should expect an ROI - return on investment. Your ROI for investing in yourself with the RADICAL Method Mastermind includes:

  • You’ll discover how to honestly and objectively examine your life to figure out what’s holding you back.
  • You’ll set an authentic path to take you from where you are now to where you want to go and who you want to be.
  • You’ll leverage your awareness, skills, and abilities to create positive, lasting change.
  • You’ll identify and eliminate the weaknesses that bind you to lack – lack of achievement, success, and meaning – for good.
  • You’ll break through limiting behaviors so that you wholeheartedly believe in you and your desires.
  • You’ll learn how to confidently bounce back from setbacks, disappointments, and challenges so that you quickly get back on track and get focused again.
  • You’ll get off the hamster wheel and move toward real and true results.
  • You’ll step out of your comfort zone in a powerful way and take the risks necessary to realize your ultimate goals and dreams.

Success doesn't just happen. Let's work together to MAKE it happen.

I would love to work with you to personally coach, mentor and guide you to create unprecedented results with the goals you have around your career, business, finances and personal success.

Now is the time for you to show up for you...to invest in yourself...and to TRULY position yourself to have your best year yet!


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