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Fearless Living with Rhonda Britten

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Rhonda Britten is an Emmy Award winner, repeat Oprah guest, Huffington Post contributor, and master coach.

After witnessing the horrific murder-suicide of her parents at the tender age of 14, Rhonda went into a twenty-year spiral of self-doubt, blame, and addiction. After she woke up very much alive after her third suicide attempt, she knew she had to find another way.

What she discovered is a pathway to freedom that cuts through false beliefs, negative thoughts and the silent, secret fears every human being carries. Her simple yet life-altering method is called Fearless Living.

What she teaches is what she’s lived.

During this episode, you will first learn to define and recognize fear at its absolute core. Find out how to manage, deal with, and understand fear. The story that Rhonda’s will share will give you chills and you’ll be inspired after hearing about success stories and testimonials.

Understand some common fears and participate in exercises that will help you overcome them. Finally, break down all the ways you feel and respond to fear to ultimately master fear once and for all.

If you find yourself skipping over items on your to-do list or ‘forgetting’ to do the things that matter or not feeling motivated to get the things you want to be done grab Rhonda’s FREE gift: Stretch, Risk and Die Video Course!





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  • [bctt tweet=”“The slower you go, the faster your results will come” – @RhondaBritten” username=””]


Time Stamps:

  • 02:30 – When Rhonda found her calling and purpose
  • 08:24 – How to define fear at its absolute core
  • 12:55 – Addressing suicide, alcoholism, and DUI
  • 15:16 – “He points the gun to me, cocks it, and I absolutely think I’m next” – Rhonda Britten
  • 20:19 – Hearing about inspiring success stories and testimonials
  • 24:01 – Common fears and exercises to overcome them
  • 30:28 – Learning all the ways you feel and respond to fear
  • 38:41 – “The slower you go, the faster your results will come” – Rhonda Britten
  • 40:14 – Access your FREE course: Stretch, risk or die
  • 43:53 – Rhonda Britten’s final and powerful thoughts to live by!


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  • I just listened to rhonda britten on the podcast for fearless living . I really enjoyed the podcast. I now know Why I react to certain situation in my life.It is. Out of Fear. The Majority of what rhonda was saying about fear I am experiencing,the procrastination,anxiety,changing mindset,ANGER,impatient,negative self talk all these characteristic I have been going through. I have in the last week HAve said to myslef that I am ready to know more of what I can do while being a successful person. I am ONLY holding myself back by what I allow fear to Tell ME. So I want to say Thank you Rhonda Britten and Doreen Rainey for this podcast. i will go online and take the free course.and SHARethese things with friends of mine as well. Thank you

  • Great podcast, You have to be mentally STRONG. Fear has to be handled head on,it is about your own MINDSET. Trust YOURSELF.Great podcast. FEARLess living. Don’t be AFRAid to take a risk.
    Chris comick

  • I am truly blessed by this.site, its like. Me talking. to myself. Now i can recognize. Fear. And it has endangers. Me.

  • Stretch Risk Die is such an amazing tool! Thank you for choosing freedom and teaching us how we can too!

  • Both of you complement each very well. Thanks to both of you for your insight on fear.

  • Brilliant Podcast. Loved the interaction. Working on managing the fear and winning, so far.

  • AMAZING!! This conversation was very real. We may not all share the same fear, but we all have it in one form or another. This conversation was very insightful. I’ve always been aware of my fears and usually try to push through and not allow those fears to hinder my calling. Thanks, ladies!

  • Excellent. I’m going right over to to get the free gifts RIGHT now!
    Thanks Doreen and Rhonda.


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