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The Nourish Retreat

Nurture Your Mind | Move Your Body | Restore Your Soul

July 18 - 21, 2024

Scottsdale, AZ


The Nourish Retreat is for women who need to step away from the hustle and bustle of life and want the chance to rejuvenate, indulge in self care and spend time working on plans to reach their goals and dreams.

With limited spots available, it's as exclusive as it is enriching, ensuring that every moment is tailored to your journey, every meal shared is an opportunity for connection, and every evening reflects the tranquility of the soul.

Dive into self-discovery and personal development through expert-led workshops and sessions.

Enjoy a serene environment that promotes relaxation and helps recharge your mental and physical batteries.

Connect with a community of individuals who share your aspirations and values.

LifeChanger Experience LIVE!

Deeper. Richer. Complete. Transformation

October 19-20, 2024

Atlanta, GA

Social 1

Candid, straightforward and open dialogue on the unconscious and conscious beliefs that drive your habits, behaviors and actions. Be challenged to examine yourself with honest, authentic, blunt, truthful and direct reflection.

  • Stop asking “how do I” and start answering “why haven’t I”.
  • Move from “information gatherer” to consistent action taker.
  • Gain the courage to move from “talker” to “walker”.
  • Understand how your beliefs play a role in how you go after your goals.
  • Get new perspectives on how your mindset serves or hinders your progress.
  • Take a deeper look at who you are and why you are.
  • Learn more about you…and how to reprogram your habits for success.
  • Experience an Internal Transformation to achieve external results.

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