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“Where you are right now is a result of your mindset.” - @DoreenRainey Share on X


Where are you in your life right now? Your mindset plays a vital role in leading you to the life you have today. So if you think that your life is just a result of an uncontrollable fate, then, think again.

This episode is all about managing your mindset in order to experience a fundamental change in your life. What you do daily results to a positive and optimistic mindset that allows you to live the life you desire.

We are often made to believe that we only have one choice, that we are obliged to give up something just to keep something else, and that we are not allowed to have all the options. This is not true.

Remember, you don’t need to live in the land of OR where you need to choose one over the other. If you want both, then have them both. How? By choosing AND.



“Your mindset isn’t so much determined by what you say but by what you do” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “I began to shift all of my OR to AND, and something amazing happened” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “When you begin to ask questions in your life by choosing AND, it opens up a whole new view” - @DoreenRainey Share on X


Time Stamps:

02:41 – What is the basic definition of mindset?
03:02 – “Your mindset isn’t so much determined by what you say but by what you do” – @DoreenRainey
04:42 – Measuring where your mindset is right now
06:10 – Some ways of shifting your mindset
09:12 – What are the dangers of mindless conditioning?
13:17 – The benefits of shifting from OR to AND
14:29 – “I began to shift all of my OR to AND, and something amazing happened” – @DoreenRainey
16:59 – Tips on how to enjoy having BOTH quicker, faster, and sooner


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  • This was an awesome Pod Cast it is very thought provoking a d makes me go into my next level of thinking.

  • This is such a great reminder. Being such a high achiever, I naturally leave out the AND because I feel that it’s a distraction of reaching my end goal. However, listening to this podcast helps in understanding that the balance is needed and it’s possible to still be able to accomplish our goals with AND. Thanks!

  • Thank you for sharing! What an awesome podcast. What resonated with me most is when you said “I don’t have to choose OR” we’ve been programmed by society to believe that we have to choose between one thing or another. When truth is we can have it all..we are the creators of our success. I can be a single mom AND be successful! Thanks Doreen!

  • What spoke to me was the way you “spelled out” what being optimistic was and having an optimistic mind set. Believing, thinking, action v/s no action, but looking at where you are now and how you feel about your life now.
    My journey in MLM cosmetic sales with different companies has perhaps not been successful in the eyes of my directors or even my husband but it has been fun and enjoyable for me. My desires of becoming “management” / having a team/ etc has changed over the years not because I didn’t make it happen but because I changed my values; I enjoyed (loved) being a nurse being a skin care consultant was a hobby of friendships. BUT the concept in life of not having to choose, of being able to MAKE A WAY to have your cake and eat it to is a great philosophy ….. you don’t just get to HAVE it both ways. LOVE IT!!!


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