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Charreah Jackson: The Boss Playbook for Success


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Charreah K. Jackson is an international speaker, certified family life educator, and coach and former ESSENCE Senior Editor. Her informed point-of-view has been featured on CNN, The CW, ABC News, Fortune and TIME. Charreah is the author of Boss Bride: The Powerful Woman’s Playbook for Love & Success.

In this episode, she shares her journey of optimism, focus, and success through health challenges, layoffs and the ebbs and flows of life. Her outlook and wisdom inspires, convicts and motivates you to get on track with your life’s mission – or will encourage you to stay on track.

Charreah travels the globe sharing a message of connection including events in London and Amsterdam. She earned a Hearst Award in journalism and has interviewed newsmakers such as Vice President Joe Biden, Kerry Washington, and Hillary Clinton.

As you continue to grow multiple revenue streams you’ll have a bigger impact on the world. At this time, the quality of relationships in your personal and professional life matter. This is why your mountain top mission needs to be very clear.

Learn to manage the fear that comes with making big decisions like transitioning out of your job or starting a new business.

Reach out to your family, friends, and build a strong community that you can depend on. Get radical about reconnecting your relationships and be intentional. You don’t have to go on this journey alone!

Take control of your life and work towards your dreams. If life doesn’t go as expected you must maintain an optimistic outlook. Others will provide feedback that can potentially set you back. Break out of the box in order to move into your next joyous and fulfilled life. You don’t have to be defined by only your social or professional status.

Expect insight and inspiration to change the trajectory of your life and to be your authentic self. You deserve the utmost love and success!

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  • 06:12 – Charreah’s background and introduction
  • 07:13 – Having & maintaining a positive outlook on life
  • 11:12 – “I grew up believing that God, not just exist, but God was good” – @Charreah Jackson
  • 12:45 – Taking control of your life and working towards your dreams
  • 17:04 – “You are not your job title. Who you are and what you do are not one and the same” – @Charreah Jackson
  • 22:17 – The powerful woman’s playbook for love and success
  • 25:38 – Managing the fear that comes with making big decisions
  • 29:07 – Charreah’s mountain top big dream
  • 29:50 – “The quality of our lives live in the quality of our relationship” – @Charreah Jackson
  • 31:24 – Restoring the relationships in your life
  • 39:45 – An instant way to bring up your spirit


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  • I really need to hear this today. Great podcast! I really like how Charreah spoke about being enclosed in a particular box way too long and missing out on the SEASON one is to be in or to walk in. That was so powerful.

    She also said, ‘you are not your job title.’ That statement was so profound and true.

    And lastly she talked about never feeling you are alone to the point others aren’t willing to help out. It’s okay to ask someone to step in and help out. That is sometimes the feeling I have because I see others who have traveled over some of the roads I’m now traveling and I feel they’re too far ahead or too busy to help me.

    Deep down inside, I know there are people, women in particular, who genuinely wants to help me be not just good BUT great.

    • Hi Vickie – YES! The conversation with Charreah about the box was so absolutely true. And yes, community is important so be sure to stay connected to those who support and encourage you.

  • I love Charreah’s optimistic perspective of life. I believe it’s this perspective that brought her this far in her life and in her business. Even as she speaks, I can hear the warmth and peace in her voice. Great conversation!

    • Hi Dr. Mildred – Charreah is such a breath of fresh air. Her story is so inspiring and she’s only just beginning. Thanks for tuning in.


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