Nicole Ari Parker: Legacy Building

Nicole Ari Parker is a keynote speaker at my upcoming Get RADICAL Women’s Conference, March 20-22 in Atlanta, GA. She joined me for a conversation about self defining success, how to bounce back from disappointments and 3 pieces of advice that has helped her continually move to her next level of success. Connect with me:…

Skeptical. Hesitant. Alone.

 Skeptical. Hesitant. Alone. That’s how Diane Collins came to her first RADICAL event. She wondered if the she would REALLY learn all the concepts and strategies promised. If doing something she’d never done before could get her closer to her goals. So she took a leap of faith to see. In this #TeamRADICAL interview,…

The Other Yolanda Adams

We love to highlight and celebrate members of #TeamRADICAL. These are amazing go-getters in this RADICAL community who have harnessed the knowledge, coaching, training and networking to amplify the results they are getting as they pursue their personal and professional goals. Say hello to Yolanda Adams – no, not THAT Yolanda Adams (LOL) – but…

From CPA Firm Partner to Caterer

Love this interview with my client Colette Wilson as she shares why she walked away from her multi six figure job to join her passion with her talent and business acumen. Listen in as she gives advice on: How to prepare for a major career transition. The key to building your personal growth muscle. Why…

Joy in Heartbreak

When it comes to a broken heart, we tend to only think of relationships. But there are so many other situations that lead to heartbreak. In this episode, Doreen expounds on what it means to be brokenhearted and how you can find joy in the midst of it. Links:

Beyond Discipline

There’s no doubt that discipline is a key ingredient to making your goals a reality. But if you’ve ever reached a goal – only to let it slip away – you may have realized that discipline may not be enough to get you where you want to go and keep you there. In this episode,…


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