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Chief BOSSpreneur® Becky A. Davis is known as the “Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon” for her straight-forward coaching skills that develop individuals into well-rounded business owners.

In this episode, Doreen talks with Becky about purpose, faith and taking action in spite of the doubts and not having everything figured out.

Becky is a member of Forbes Magazine Coaches Council, official entrepreneur coach for Odyssey Media Company, an executive coach for Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit and national entrepreneur spokesperson for The Coca-Cola Company’s women 5by20 initiative. Becky is one of the most in-demand experts for small business and leadership.

Becky has been featured in media including ABC, FOX, Forbes, Essence, Black Enterprise, Associated Press, and Huffington Post. She is a sought-after speaker and the author of seven books. 

This insightful conversation will inspire you to never let fear stop you from living your dream! Learn proven strategies to BossUP your business growth. Earn rewarding accomplishments that you are proud of. Find out the key differences between successful people and unsuccessful people.

Becky’s experience as a corporate leader, coach, and trainer allows her to simplify life and business issues. She’ll give easy to understand and practical principles that you can apply. Her message gets right to the heart of what matters.

Are you ready to think bigger and go harder so that you can live better?

Today is the day! No more excuses!

Be sure to leave a comment below to let us know your biggest “a-ha” and take away from this episode.

[bctt tweet=”“My faith was stronger than my fear” – Becky A. Davis @Bosspreneur” via=”no”]








  • 03:13 – Becky’s background and introduction
  • 09:26 – “I was willing to move in the fear” – Becky A. Davis @Bosspreneur
  • 15:00 – Managing your fear as you level up and grow
  • 15:23 – “My faith was stronger than my fear” – Becky A. Davis @Bosspreneur
  • 19:42 – Working with a coach and finding your mentor
  • 22:17 – Biggest lessons learned from a massive failure
  • 25:46 – Accelerating your business growth
  • 42:22 – Entrepreneur highlights and accomplishments
  • 48:10 – “It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Becky A. Davis @Bosspreneur

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  • I enjoyed this today. So many highs points. I can honestly say that I have followed some difficulties through entirely when others said it would be difficult to do with by business. Once I got through the red tape of it, I worked as I was instructed. After a year of doing my due diligence, and not making any revenue, although I was paying for the service, I just today pulled out. So now I know how to jump back in when I’m ready.

    How Ironic that this podcast spoke on similar quests. I’m no longer just taking notes. I’m actually making strides, however small, but I’m doing it!

    Thank You!

    • Hi Vickie…sending you a virtual high five for making strides! Those seemingly small steps we make can lead to big results. And even if you don’t jump back in to that business, keep focusing on getting clarity on what business you should pursue. Thanks for listening.

    • Hi Cynthia, thanks for listening! You just missed us. Becky was a speaker at my RADICAL Success Intensive 2 weeks ago in the DC area.

  • Listening to Becky reassured me that being an entrepreneur is a process of learning, making mistakes and taking action. Becky is an inspiration to African American women who are entrepreneurs and I appreciate her transparency in sharing her journey and success.

    • Hi Dr. Mildred – yes!!! That entrepreneurial journey is no joke! There’s so much learning and growing in the process and having the right support and community is so important. Keep going!


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