episode 3

Achieve Big Goals Part 2

Are you struggling to prioritize yourself? Doreen will continue the “Achieving your goals” series with a focus on Prioritization. Understand the importance of putting yourself first and find out if it’s really a selfish thing to do. Listen to the reasons you are struggling to prioritize and how to train people on how to treat you.


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Time Stamps:

  • 01:15 – Summarizing part 1
  • 03:50 – Putting yourself first
  • 06:53 – The reasons you are struggling to prioritize
  • 11:14 – Protecting your time
  • 12:51 – Training people on how to treat you
  • 16:40 – Is putting yourself first selfish?


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  • Raises ✋ I have not been doing enough self care, I am not putting myself first, I do rearrange my schedule and plans for the day for needy family members when I start thinking about putting myself first I got a little bit of anxiety and I felt selfish for taking care of myself and because I have neglected myself and been unselfish now I am in a bit of mild depression because I feel stagnant and I know I have neglected myself I have not accomplish my goals that I have set for myself because you can’t when you are depressed and it’s just a cycle because I feel selfish for not thinking of myself so I put others first then I don’t accomplish my goals then it just use and here I am starting AND stopping. My husband and I have set up boundaries but slowly they fizzle and the next thing you know, you’re back to using, your day, time, money, gas on others due to their LACk of discipline and you are participating in the consequences of their actions. OMG! I need to emergently reevaluate, thank you Doreen that’s all I can say I have written a book Post! Thank you!

  • Great podcast. I have put myself 2nd to a husband and 3 kids and family. With my last child now 17 and getting ready to graduate high school. I now am actually putting myself first. My spouse is my challenge because he is not use to me prioritizing my self 1st. I no longer feel guilty or selfish, but I am someone who takes on the problems of others and need to work on my “NO”. I am ready and up for this challenge because I am sincere about prioritizing me, after spending 17+ years not doing that.

  • I’ve put my self second for years and i’m still struggling with that and I want to put myself first. I’ve raised three kids and three grand kids and the baby is now 6 going on 7 and it’s my fault. and i need to know how to fix it . . now i’m going to set the time out for myself. no matter what. thank you for your words. jackie B.


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