episode 2

Achieve Big Goals Part 1

As a coach, I’m constantly asking people:

*What are your goals?
*How will you reach them?
*When will you achieve them?

However, even when you have the answers to these questions, you may still hesitate to take action.

Have you ever:

*struggled with procrastination?
*been frustrated that you haven’t made real progress on your goals?
*fell into the cycle of starting and stopping your action plan?

If so, this latest episode will help you overcome these challenges.

Listen as I speak on the top common challenges you must identify and overcome in order to achieve your goals. Find out the difference between head and heart goals and learn how to question the goals you set for long-term success. This is the first step towards your RADICAL success!

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Time Stamps:

  • 01:06 – Is this podcast for you?
  • 03:03 – The RADICAL success method
  • 03:52 – Common challenges to overcome
  • 09:20 – Head and heart goals
  • 13:47 – Questioning the goals you set


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  • Head vs. heart goal, this will help alot in sifting through and pin pointing areas for improvement

  • Great podcast. I am guilty of all 5 of the big vision/big goal obstacles. I feel I am clear about what my heart goal is, but I think I would be able to accomplish my goals in my own business rather than working in an work environment where my values and principals are being compromised and feel that my voice is muted.

  • I really enjoyed this podcast. I fired the trigger and started my travel business (which I’m very passionate about), however, i have this background noise of fear telling me that I have made the biggest mistake of my life.. I understand that its stupid and has no merit but sometimes it makes me stop and reconsider my decision. but i keep on going anyway! After listening to this podcast I finally understand the difference between head and heart goals…thanks so much!

  • I not happy i work at the Gaston county schools as food nutritionist i am REALLytired of punching someone else clock also being treated unfairly. I get paid once a month im a single mom with a ten year old my goal was to start my own resturant buisness but im starting to wonder do i even have what it takes i believe God gave me the vision but i once i prayed about it and left it in ny prayer closet i question how am i goi ng TO do this im not even sure where the money is goi g ti come from

  • I want to say I ENJOy ed the podcast. On achieving big goals step 1. I know that as long as I believe in myself then I can do great thing. I just HAVE to let go OF the “what If” Attitude and move to the I can attitude. For so many years I have been that one to have a plan or goal and write it down but then dont follow through on it for instance. With Career,finance,Relationships that I ALLOWed to KEEP me from moving and finding my Purpose.

  • Hello, I enjoyed the podcast. Sorry I made the mistake the last time. The word lose meant lose. My spelling was a little off. Smile so delete.

  • The podcast was timely for me. I’m getting ready to retire soon and I’m glad that my goal is a heart and not head goal. As always your coaching and inspiration is phenomenal.

  • Ms. Rainey has such a powerful message with authentic questions that made me do much soul searching after i finished listening to her podcast. Thank you so much for distinguishing obstacles in our roads and what actions may We do that may place those obstacles.
    Excellent podcast that onlY Ms. Rainey can do! Thank you for your timr!

  • I LIKE this PROGRAM because i visit GEORGIA tow years ago and was introduced to THE THINK like SUCCESS at THE neighborhood awards i was very interested then to find out that it was on facebook. and then i went to think like success WEBB-PAGE look up one ot doreen conference.’s. and i LISTEN to it she SAID a lot of INTERESTING things i liked,like make a list of WHAT YOUr’S goals, and mae a vision board i LISTen to all of that.


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