4 Stages of Success

“No matter what stage you’re in, keep going. Do not stop.” - @DoreenRainey Share on X

When going for your goals, it’s important to understand the stages of success. This is the path that most people take to getting from where they are to where they want to be.

You may think that people have an easier path than you and start to lose motivation in continuing to your goal. Let me tell you, everyone is experiencing these steps. You just have to have the will to thrive to achieve whatever it is you aspire.

In this episode, Doreen shares her 4 stages of success to help you recognize where you are, understand what happens in each stage and how to keep moving, even when you feel like giving up. Each step has its own challenges and this episode will guide you through each step including how your mindset must be and what to avoid.

She also invites you to take part in her upcoming Summer Success Series, a FREE 6 week course teaching how to navigate these phases to move from where you are to where you want to be. You can register here: www.DoreenRainey.com.


“It is in this honeymoon stage that you want to protect your goals.” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “The thing about these 4 stages is that at any point, you could fall off.” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “Everyone has a challenge to getting to their goal.” - @DoreenRainey Share on X “You must celebrate each and every moment whether you think it’s small or huge.” - @DoreenRainey Share on X

Time Stamps:

03:45 – Why is it important to know these stages of success?
04:25 – The first stage: The Awareness
06:47 – What goes on in the 1st stage?
07:20 – The second stage: The Honeymoon Stage
09:10 – Things to avoid during the honeymoon stage
10:31 – “It is in this honeymoon stage that you want to protect your goals.” – @DoreenRainey
11:45 – “The thing about these 4 stages is that at any point, you could fall off.” – @DoreenRainey
13:36 – The third stage: Working on your goal
16:14 – “Everyone has a challenge to getting to their goal.” – @DoreenRainey
18:07 – “You must celebrate each and every moment whether you think it’s small or huge.” – @DoreenRainey
19:10 – The 4th stage: THE WIN!
22:18 – “No matter what stage you’re in, keep going. Do not stop.” – @DoreenRainey
22:52 – What to do when you are experiencing the cycle?


Episode 10: The A-Ha Moment Myth

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You’ll have the opportunity to get to know you in a way that you’ve never experienced before. To gain a better understanding of your authentic goals, core values, belief systems, deserve level, necessary boundaries and required actions.

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September 14-16, 2018

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  • Hi Doreen, I just listen to your awesome pod cast on the 4 stages of success. And it was wonderful. I am in stage 2 “The HONEYMOON”.

    • Hi Nicole,

      Ahhhh…the honeymoon stage! We all love that stage 🙂
      Keep moving forward. Stay focused. And don’t let fear or distractions get in the way. You’ll reach those goals before you know it. Thanks for listening.

  • I am between stage 2 and 3. Taking classes sharpening my skills, auditioning, performing and pushing towards the next opened door!

    • Hi Shema,

      I appreciate you listening to the podcast. Keep sharpening those skills. It will definitely make a difference!

  • Stage 3. Striving to reach the next level in the company by August!
    In the trenches to reach stage 4.

    • Hi Betty,

      I know exactly what it means to be in the trenches…and that’s where the magic happens. Stay focused, stay the course and Stage 4 will happen! Thanks for listening.

  • I enjoyed your podcast. I am in stage 3. I am l
    Past what others think, I am ready to Take it Now! And will CELEBRATE every step!That is motivation to move forward. Thank you.

    • Getting past what others think is a huge win! That’s where freedom lives. Be sure to share your wins so we can celebrate with you!

  • Protection of my dreams was a BIG lesson for me! Falling off is a huge setback, and the healing from that is tough. But, it brings with it the reward of wisdom — then, you comeback so much stronger.

    • Hi Kim,

      You’re not alone! We’ve all faced huge setbacks and disappointments. And you’re right, the healing can be tough. Glad that you’re on the comeback! Take the lessons learned and create something even more amazing with them.

  • I’m on the loop and continue to bounce between stages 2 and 3, but when you asked the question, Do you really want what you say you want, it hit home. Time to keep plowing through to stage 4! This was amazing.

    • That’s such a powerful question to ask! I’m glad it sparked the motivation to take action. Stage 4 is waiting for you! You can do it!

  • Thanks my first experience with your positive podcast.
    I noticed missed 14 previous pods.
    What is process to catch
    I am interested in hearing beginning pods.

  • Hi Doreen,
    I really enjoyed this podcast! I was live with you yesterday as well. I am bouncing between 2 and 3. That was an aha moment for me. I will be attending your summer course and can’t wait. Thanks for sharing and all that you do. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

    • Glad you were able to identify the stages that you bounce between. Now it’s time to break that cycle! Excited to see what you’ll accomplish in the coming months. Thanks for listening!

  • This is another great episode, Doreen! I’m happy to say I’m in stage 3! And I have to fight everyday to stay the course especially when life is filled with distractions and the fear or doubt wants to creep in. I’m anticipating reaching stage 4 by the end of the year with some wins that’ll put me in a new comfort zone. My goals include speaking engagements, media, and more!

    • Hi Mildred,

      Great to hear about all the progress you’re making. Keep managing those distractions and those fears and you’ll be in stage 4 before you know it!

  • Doreen, Your talk has been a special gift for me . I am writing my second book, Women Are Worthy: Let’s Rise To Success” Your video re SUCCESS , is another AHA moment for me. Thank you . Thank You. Your 4 stages have given me so much clarity.
    I am at stage 3 with my business..Women Are Worthy.


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