This past year has been such a whirlwind. The opportunity to work with Steve Harvey, followed by having my Institute acquired, while still maintaining my private coaching practice has a dream come true. This hasn’t left me a lot of time to do the workshops, conferences and masterminds I’ve done in the past. But I’ve noticed a few things over the past year with entrepreneurs that prompted me to want to do something a little different.

From a technology perspective, this is a GREAT time to be an entrepreneur. With so many no cost/low cost tools to help you start and grow your business, it would seem that the revenue would just be flowing. But for many business owners – that’s not the case. If this is you, I want to invite you to join me for a very special intimate lunch where we’ll get real about the money – or lack of money – in your business.

If you’re in business, yet aren’t seeing consistent income. Keep reading.

If you’ve got the website, the Facebook business page, the twitter handle, the YouTube channel and are just now figuring out how to hold your phone just right for Periscope, but the leads are few and far between. Keep reading.

If you did a call (or two or three), promoted a webinar or did a video series and not many people came – or they came and didn’t buy. Keep reading.

This invitation is for you.

I’m hosting two RADICAL Power Lunches – Friday, September 18th in Atlanta, GA and Friday, September 25th in Washington, DC – just for those who are tired of running on the treadmill.

How do you know if you’re on the treadmill? Here are the clues:

You’re working hard, you think you’re doing the right things, you’re up early in the morning and cranking it out late at night – yet your business is going nowhere. Sound familiar? If so, join me for real talk on what it takes to get your business where you know it should be.

This time together will be a no holds barred conversation about how money is really made and how a beautiful website and lots of posts and followers doesn’t necessarily translate into deposits in your bank account.

This isn’t a conference, retreat, workshop or seminar. It’s me sharing from my experience in building a high multiple six figure coaching company and running a seven-figure division for one of the biggest celebrity brands today.

Come with your frustrations, questions, challenges and problems. Bring your fears, worries and anxiety. Enter with all of the issues your business is facing – and find answers.

To attend, click the link to get access to the application form, investment and logistics.

===> Click Here to Apply for RADICAL Power Lunch

The truth is, there’s never been a better time to be a business owner. But the other truth is that most entrepreneurs don’t ever reach their financial goals – and either remain frustrated or abandon their dream completely.

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Doreen Rainey
RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey is driven by a singular purpose: to help clients define success for themselves AND get the guts to go after it. As the Vice President, Operations, Act Like A Success | A Steve Harvey Company, she is committed to helping others discover their gift and create success in every area of their life.