Success. Leadership. Business.

Many people want to make radical changes — in their career and in their personal life. However, they have no idea where to begin or haven’t acted on the ideas that they’ve had. That’s where Doreen comes in.

From the moment Doreen Rainey steps into your space, the challenge begins. Her presentations are filled with “HOW TOs” and “WHY TOs” that show attendees how to go beyond the norm to excel and succeed – at work and in life.

Described as optimistic, motivational, inspirational and encouraging, she moves people to action by sharing strategies and insights to help make dreams and goals a reality. Her experience in developing people, both professionally and personally, provides a foundation for empowering others to reach their full potential.

Her dynamic keynotes, workshops, and strategy sessions provide the audience with essential tools to take their vision – whether it relates to their career, business, health, finances or life balance — and create a practical plan that moves them to action.

Doreen’s audience includes corporations, associations, conferences, retreats, and workshops.

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Most Requested Topics

While Doreen can customize her presentation, here are some of her most popular topics. Please note that these can be used as a keynote, workshop, or seminar.

Get RADICAL: 7 Steps for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life

Ready to take RADICAL action but not sure how? Clarity of your purpose, passion and goals puts you in the best position to achieve the results you want. This session teaches the 7 foundational RADICAL strategies to help you define success for yourself — and then get the guts to go after it. Doreen shares:

♦ How to apply these steps to any area of your life.

♦ How to deal with your inner gremlins.

♦ How to bounce back from disappointments, failures, and setbacks.How to maintain support and encouragement when taking your RADICAL steps.

5 Characteristics of Successful People

Success doesn’t “just happen”. It can take years to become an “overnight success”. What are the traits and characteristics that propel people forward? How do they overcome the challenges that surely come their way? What are the steps they take to design the business, and life they desire? Doreen shares 5 trends that successful people have and provides implementable action steps to incorporate into your business and life.

Leapfrog Your Business and Your Life

Leapfrog is defined as advancing from one place, position or situation to another without progressing through all or any of the places or stages in between. This session will explore strategies to help you make significant shifts and create exponential growth in your business and your life, now.

♦ THE question to ask yourself to determine if you are ready to leapfrog

♦ 3 biggest obstacles you’ll have to overcome to experience fast success

♦ 2 immediate changes you must make to grow

♦ What you’ll Lose and what you’ll gain when you leapfrog

What 13.1 Miles Can Teach You

Big goals are hard. They require planning, focus, commitment, and action. In this entertaining keynote, Doreen shares the life lessons she learned while training for, and completing, her first (and probably last) half marathon. Having not run a mile in 10 years when she started this journey, she learned that whether you want to start a business, move up in your organization, get your finances in order, improve your relationships, take better care of your health, or just create more balance, fulfillment and peace in your life, the lessons she’ll share from this experience applies to them all.