How can it be November already? Thanksgiving is around the corner and before you know it Christmas will be here and then we’ll be ringing in 2016.

2016. Wow.

2015 has gone in a blink of an eye – and for me, it’s been one filled with a lot of amazing experiences that just keep me grateful:

  • That fateful day that many of us have probably wished for – meeting Oprah Winfrey. A moment I won’t forget any time soon.
  • The Steve Harvey and Act Like A Success team – we launched a new brand and put on two successful conferences
  • My husband and I have been global travelers – he’s working on some amazing opportunities in Kenya and we’ve been intentional about keeping our connection strong while we both pursue our passion projects in our own lane (grateful to be in a relationship that can sustain even while we each continue to grow)
  • Speaking engagements, trainings, coaching people to RADICAL growth, meeting with colleagues and helping them build their businesses…

It’s felt like a blink of the eye and has been extremely fulfilling. I’m now taking time to pause and reflect on the many adventures and accomplishments this year. I always do this so I’m clear on what I want next for the upcoming year.

Have you had time to pause and reflect?

And, do you know what kind of bold changes you want to make to feel more joyful and prosperous in your life and/or business?

Going into the new year, many of us can feel anxious, wondering – is THIS year going to be the year that I get what I want (more time, more freedom, more love, more health, more wealth, etc.).

I also know there are 2 types of people who are in my community, and that means you have different needs.

So, I’ve created 2 powerful assessments for you, depending on whether you are an entrepreneur, or you are someone who wants to live with a sense of purpose – someone who doesn’t want to go another year without getting their goals.

What you’ll find in these assessments are the direct, clear questions that I ask myself and my clients to gauge where they are and where they want to go next.

The great news is – you can take both. I won’t hold you back from doing so.

If you want to take both – great! Note, the one for entrepreneurs is specifically for those that have or are starting a business. The other one, is useful for everyone to take (because all of us have goals we want to go get).

There are nothing else like these assessments right now, and guess what: I’m giving them to you for free!

Here they are:

Radical Business Growth Assessment

An 6-Point Compass for a Wildly Profitable 2016

RADICAL Success Life Assessment

An 8-Point Guide to Live Clearly and Confidently

Both assessments are set up to help you answer all the key questions around how to grow into your leadership and your wealth.

Notice when you take one or both how you are discovering so much about yourself. They are eye-opening!

When you complete them, your results will show you the areas where you want to improve, delegate, scale back or explode.

So, go ahead and take one, or both now, and find out how you can get set up to win for 2016.

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Doreen Rainey
RADICAL Success Coach Doreen Rainey is driven by a singular purpose: to help clients define success for themselves AND get the guts to go after it. As the Vice President, Operations, Act Like A Success | A Steve Harvey Company, she is committed to helping others discover their gift and create success in every area of their life.