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Get Close to the Edge.
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My mission is simple – to help you get so ultra clear on your next steps that there’s only one path to take. Then, coach you past the resistance and obstacles so you get the guts to go after it.



Talking about your dreams, hoping to reach your goals or planning for your future is one thing. But actually putting in the work, sweat and sometimes the tears it takes to get there – now that’s an entirely new ballgame.

If you know you’re capable of having more, doing more, giving more – and you have a thirst to learn what it takes and a willingness to go do it, then I would love to help you Find Your RADICAL!

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RADICAL Business

strategyBuilding a profitable, sustainable business is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who willing to lay it all on the line to make that vision their reality. Ready to breakdown your business to build it back it up? You’re in the right spot.

Getting the real deal on operations, marketing, sales and financials are a must if you you want to create a business you love along with a life you can enjoy.

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doreenpicture From the moment I step onto your stage, the interaction begins. With presentations filled with “HOW TOs” and “WHY TOs”, your audience will learn how to go beyond the norm to excel and succeed – at work, in business and in life.

Dynamic keynotes and workshops around career, business and life success to give attendees essential tools to create a action plan to move them to action – IMMEDIATELY.

Let’s talk about making your next event RADICAL!

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RADICAL Masterminds

Working smarter – not harder is the answer to many challenges people face with going after their big dreams. Save time, money, resources and frustration in achieving your personal and business goals be joining other goal oriented, success minded go-getters ready to make significant shifts.

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RADICAL VIP Private Coaching

Intensive. Accelerated. Personalized. Results Driven. For those serious, focused and committed to breaking down where they are, what’s holding them back and what’s not working to building up a powerful strategy, serious action steps with the ultimate in support and accountability.

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